The fitting and removal of flexitanks is an activity we are specialized in.  With a current volume of several thousand in- and out-fittings per year, further growth is being sought by exploring new markets. Following discharge, the removal of the flexitank disposal of any residual product can also be taken care of under controlled conditions at our location.

Outfit and disposal

On behalf of our principals, we also take care of the removal of the flexitank following discharge of the product.  The tank, bulkhead, floor covering and residual product are disposed of with due consideration for environmental responsibility.


For manufacturers, forwarders and operators we take care of the storage of their flexitank stocks. These flexitanks can be fitted, where necessary with a bulkhead or other material, and delivered to various locations within Europe or wherever needed.
Flexitanks are fitted into containers by our team of experts according to the instructions as defined by the manufacturer and customer.


We also intervene in the event of calamities with flexitanks. Apart from our own experienced personnel, we have a range of equipment at our disposal for such activities. Our fleet of delivery vans can be quickly positioned at emergency situations, with pumps and hoses for chemicals and food products. With the fleet of our own trucks in our transport division, we can also ensure the availability of a replacement container already fitted with a new flexitank or an ISO tank to which product transfer can take place.

We can also take care of the cleaning of a terminal bund as well as the removal of the empty tank and any residue product.