Transport by means of trucking of tank containers and box containers fitted with flexitanks, is our core activity. A fleet of 60 Vehicles carry out daily transportation orders within the chemical industry. We partner with Bok Transport.

At both our depot sites we can provide you with quick and quality services like (un)fitting, disposal and pumping out and into (Flexi)tanks. If required a repair will be inspected and/or certified by independent registered inspection bureaus.

Since 2019 is Bok Transport a part of the Overmeer Logistics Group. Bok Transport is specialized in the transportation of (dangerous) liquids throughout West-Europe for Agricultural and Chemical companies.

The fitting and removal of flexitanks is an activity we are specialized in. Following discharge, the removal of the flexitank disposal of any residual product can also be taken care of under controlled conditions at our locations.

We intervene in the event of calamities with flexitanks using a range of equipment at our disposal for these activities. Our fleet of delivery vans can be quickly be brought in position in case of an emergency,

Since 2021 is Tank Silo Logistics  (TSL) a part of the Overmeer Logistics Group. TSL is specialized in the transportation of liquid chemicals, oils, animal fats, paraffinic products throughout Europe.


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    Transport - A Tradition Of Excellence

    Overmeer Transport specializes in the transportation of (tank)containers, flexitanks and general cargo. In addition to these services we provide depotservices such as flexitank services, storage and transfer. With over 100 trucks and a team of enthusiastic colleagues, we provide transportation for our customers.

    Since january 2019 Bok Transport is a new entity in the Overmeer Group. To read more about Bok Transport, hit the button and visit the website.