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Overmeer Transport is a family owned company and specialized in trucking and value added services of (ISO)tanks and flexitanks.

We have over 100 fully equipped trucks from which 10 are fully integrated subcontracted drivers. With our team of experienced drivers and several specialized teams with enthusiastic colleagues we provide the one stop service.



Take Over Tank Silo Logistiek

Takeover BOK Transport

Establishment of AFTS (Antwerp Flexitank Services)

Moving to the new location in Mijnsheerenland incl. cleaning and repair, close to Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Establishment of Container Concept Dynamics in Antwerp in co-operation with Hurkens Transport & Expedition B.V. The total, joint fleet in the Netherlands and Belgium consists of 75 vehicles.

Entering into the flexitank market.

Warehousing and distribution are now a part of our services.

Management buy-out; the current owner takes over Overmeer Transport B.V. and focuses on the current transport specialties.

Entering the chemical market

Takeover by Lagendijk Holding company; the holding company comprises various
operating companies, including Overmeer Transport. Transport for auction halls is abandoned and other national and regional markets are entered.

Establishment of the family business; mainly transport of vegetables, plants, pallets and crates for auction halls in Bleiswijk and the Westland.


Across Europe, the chemical industry relies heavily on outside logistics companies to store, handle and transport its materials.
The chemical sector needs assurance that these operations are carried out with due regard for the safety of employees, the public and the environment.
Overmeer Logistics will meet these standards and regulations.


BBSAll our drivers are in the possession of a BBS-certificate. BBS stands for Behaviour-Based Safety. This is a European program aimed at increasing the safety during transport by positively influencing the behavior of the driver. A certified instructor observes and coaches the driver on site and while in his own vehicle. During training the driver gets a good picture of his own behavior and skills, which results in an increased awareness for potential risks in traffic.

More information about this training can be found on the website of the Dutch Institute for Road Safety, www.niv.nu.

AASAAS is the abbreviation for Anti Accident System for trucks. In 2008, Overmeer Transport began its participation in a pilot with various anti-accident and registration systems. The systems tested include:
warnings when moving out of traffic lanes;
warning the driver to prevent a collision;
prevention of over- and under-steer problems;
use of sensors to maintain safe distances from vehicles in front.

A registration system is also tested, in which a board computer measures the driver’s behavior. Large groups of lorries equipped with AAS and/or specific target groups, such as road tankers, are being closely monitored.

Transport terms and conditionsOn this website you can find texts of the CMR-treaty and of all Terms and conditions published by Stichting vervoeradres.

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