Emergency Service

Emergency service

On behalf of our principals, we also intervene in the event of calamities with flexitanks. Apart from our own experienced personnel, we have a range of equipment at our disposal for these activities. Our fleet of delivery vans can be quickly be brought in position in case of an emergency, with pumps and hoses for chemicals as well as for food products. With a fleet of own trucks in our transport division we can also ensure the availability of a replacement container, already fitted with a new flexitank or an ISO tank to which a product transfer can be arranged.

We can also take care of the cleaning of a terminal bund as well as the removal of the empty tank and any residue product.

Working Method

To summarize we will arrange the following in case of an emergency:

  • Contact with the required authorities.
  • First inspection of the damaged/leaking container by our experienced personnel together with transport insurer, surveyor and shipping companies.
  • Crosspumping with our own equipment out of the damaged/leaking flexitank into Flexitank, IBC or Tankcontainer.
  • Disposal of the damaged/leaking flexitank and takeover from rest products/damaged products for recovery.
  • Cleaning of the container and other areas that may be infected by the damage/leakage.
  • Pressure tests and cause research.

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