To summarise, the services offered are cleaning, heating with steam or warm water, repair, storage and additionally flexitank services.

At both our depotsites (just south of Rotterdam and Antwerp) we can provide you with quick and quality services like (un)fitting, disposal and pumping out and into (Flexi)tanks.

Product transfer

We can provide for the transfer of your products not only at our own depot but also at the terminals (see emergency service). Transfers from a flexitank to an iso tank, an iso tank to a road tanker or the filling of flexitanks from tank containers, are within our range of possibilities.


We take care of the heating of products in tank containers and/or flexitanks, either through warm water or steam for a variety of customers.
Temperature controlled connection points are in use for this particular activity, making us able to heat tanks loaded with either chemical or food grade products.


Repair & Testing

Our experienced and motivated staff is able to carry out all kind of repairs to high standards and in accordance with the applicable regulations and customer maintenance and repair standard. If required a repair will be inspected and/or certified by independent registered inspection bureaus.

• Lifting/storage of empty tank containers
• Trucking from and to terminals
• Inservice repair
• Speed repair on request
• Inside & Outside cleaning
• Pickle & Passivate
• Refurbishment & Modification
• Interior repair
• Painting work
• Overhauling parts
• 2.5 year periodic check
• 5 year periodic check
• Frame repairs
• Isolation repairs
• Repair/maintenance of electric heating systems
• On hire/off hire
• Nitrogen cleaning/dew point