General transport, particularly trucking of tank containers and box containers fitted with flexitanks, is Overmeer’s core activity which stimulates the company’s other complimentary activities.

A fleet of approx. 60 Vehicles (primarily owned) manned by Dutch drivers carry out daily transportation orders within the chemical industry.

Our goal is the timely loading and/or discharge of the containers according to the customer’s specific instructions. All vehicles are fitted with compressors, hoses, a variety of connections and other ancillaries which may be required at each individual collection- and delivery address.

The utmost levels of quality can only be achieved with a team of motivated drivers, supported by an experienced planning department. Many have a practical background in the driving profession within the chemical sector. An up to date I.T. System and on board computers fitted to the vehicles via which instructions are transmitted facilitates the process as a whole.

All our drivers are suitably qualified and are in the possesion of, as a minimum, valid ADR, BBS and/or ISOPA certificates.


Safety first

Our new Volvo trucks are equipped with an automatic emergency brake system to provide the highest level of safety on the road. With systems like lane keeping and changing, support and an electronic stability program present on our trucks we, not only, provide safety for our drivers but also for other participants on the road.